RED BANK — It took what Steve Rogers called “a 10-year exile” in New York for him to realize and rediscover what makes New Jersey and its people special.  Now living in Red Bank for the past six years, Rogers and his partner Ryan Bott are trying to capture the soul of the state and its people in short films for the rest of the world to see.

Driving Jersey' is Red Bank man's TV effort to capture the real NJ

DEC 21. 2011

'Driving Jersey' ramps up for the holiday season

DEC 23. 2011

After several years wandering the state interviewing tattoo artists, rodeo riders, bikers, farmers, churchgoers and more, Steve Rogers has come to one inescapable conclusion about his fellow Jerseyans. “They like to talk, they like to give their viewpoint,” the Red Bank resident said. “They love to jibber-jabber.”

Red Bank Filmmaker Earns Emmy Nomination


JUNE 16. 2011

When Steve Rogers lost his job, he hit the road. What he was looking for in the beginning he wasn’t quite sure. The plan – well more of a conversation – was laid out in the back yard of his Red Bank home a couple of years before. He knew he wanted to find people who were willing to tell their stories. Real and interesting people with all of their foibles and flaws and eccentricities.

Driving Jersey is a video series born on the web and now shown on television that documents the American Dream through the lives of New Jersey residents with interesting things to say, stories to tell, experiences to impart, and wisdom to pass on.

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May 3.2012

NJTV, the New Jersey network operated by WNET New York, has come up with their first hit in the channel's young life. The program is Driving Jersey. Driving Jersey represents and reflects the most misunderstood and misrepresented place and people in all of America. It is a crossroads melting pot.  It is a garden state of mind.  Driving Jersey is as diverse in style and content as the state it portrays.  Driving Jersey is a revelation.  Driving Jersey will surprise you.

Have you seen Driving Jersey on NJTV?

May 8.2012

The Driving Jersey team has launched a Kickstarter campaign to keep the wheels rolling and we think that’s an admirable effort. They are our home-grown, rubber-meets-the-road Jersey version of an NPR show. But on television (NJN Public Media NJ broadcasts their shows.)  Below is the info you need to know from their Kickstarter page, which you can also find here if you want to donate to the cause.  Be sure to check out their website; it’s full of interesting stuff.

Kickstart Driving Jersey

September 19.2012

Among the television landscape, the seemingly unreal Real Housewives and the Shore-side fist-pumping, the most authentic presentation of New Jersey and its residents currently being broadcast is Driving Jersey.

The Emmy-nominated show, which made the leap to television last year and is produced by Steve Rogers and Ryan Bott, is a labor of love.

Emmy Nominated Local Show Needs Kickstart

October 1.2012